#Lizzo backlash proves hypocrisy #TeamLizzo

You’re damned if you do – you’re damned if you don’t in the so-called “Black” community. If you’re not sexual enough you’re queer, and if you’re too sexual you’re a hoe. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between. Pop and rap? star #Lizzo has come under fire for a Tik Tok video she made in which she seemingly appears to initiate and/or simulate performing oral sex. (Look it up on social media: I haven’t posted a link because all of the links to the video I have found are accompanied by unfair criticism to which I refuse to give credit – and the video itself appears to have been removed.) Critics report being upset that Lizzo is embarrassing the Black race and have even gone so far as to accuse the popular artist of sexual abuse (because the Tik Tok application to which she posted the video is supposedly geared towards children).

I want to talk about the supposedly “embarrassing” part: Black people need to get over themselves: Whenever negroes get embarrassed, they engage in scapegoating – projecting their inferiority complex onto a more convenient target. This time it’s #Lizzo: Instead of admitting that Queen Lizzo’s weight makes some coons insecure because we think precious “White people” will judge all Black females by Lizzo’s weight image, some folks are acting like Lizzo’s image is so outrageous that she needs to be quarantined. Coons did the same thing to #TiffanyHaddish when she handed out chicken at the 2019 Met Gala. Many “Blacks” attributed their personal shame and inferiority complexes to Ms. Haddish and tried to make her responsible for their lack of self-esteem. News Flash: #Lizzo, #TiffanyHaddish and anybody else that does something possibly unnerving does not control your sense of worth or reputation unless you allow them to. Further: The White People you are trying to impress already know that Blacks come in all different shapes and sizes, and they already know that we can be intelligent, well-mannered and positive in every way. And if we’re worried that our collective reputation is being ruined by what’s presented through media, we should . . . wait for it . . . RESOLVE THE POVERTY IN OUR COMMUNITIES THAT DRIVE OUR MEMBERS TO ENGAGE IN ANY TYPE OF BEHAVIOR THAT MAY GARNER A PAYCHECK. Instead, we leave issues unresolved and get “mad” at anyone who exposes our proverbial “dirty laundry” – our unwillingness to take responsibility for our image and collective future.

The biggest issue I have with the backlash is that it is not constructive; it is simply the result of pious Blacks being upset that we’re not putting on a good show for “Massa” – White folks. Another Newsflash: #Lizzo, #TiffanyHaddish  and any other entertainer that publishes foolishness is not the first time White folks or anyone else in this world has seen us acting a fool. And until we debrief from the psychological impact of the enslavement process and take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – yes, I said it – PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – for our actions, communities and outcomes, it will not be the last. Negroes spend so much time trying to impress the world, all the while refusing to address the reasons the world looks down upon us. We never recovered from the psychological impact of the Enslavement Process and this refusal continues. This is why we are hypersexualized and ignorant. Lizzo’s behavior is the result of the fact that we STILL raise Black girls to think that their worth is predicated upon how sexually desirable they are – a habit we learned during Slavery. We still teach girls and boys that if they’re not fu*king by a certain age they’re queer. If you don’t publicize your personal life, your discretion is rewarded by questions about your sexuality. This is all while we pretend to follow religious tenets that preach against premarital sex. Anyone who ruins the pious front – that nobody buys anyway – is reprimanded with public ridicule.

We are not fooling anybody with our piety. Look at the statistics: Our birth rates, incarceration rates and number of single-parent households are out of control. Most of the movies we produce show “Black” couples having sex on the first date or soon after meeting. Listen to our so-called rhythm and blues music. We make the most beautiful music . . . about sex. And there’s nothing wrong with sex – if it is done responsibly. But we’re not doing it responsibly. We just want to pretend like we are. We’re like a three inch doily trying to cover a ten foot long table.

Since the beginning, Lizzo has been criticized for her weight. Why? The FACT is that many Black females ARE fat. We’re not exactly known for choosing salads. I recall being told I was “eating like a White girl” by Black female co-workers some years ago when I was seen eating a salad for lunch.

One commentator, when speaking about her ire concerning Queen Lizzo’s Tik Tok video, said we “just want to control our narrative “- code for: “We want to put on a good show for Massa.”

#Lizzo, #TiffanyHaddish and anybody else that does something possibly unnerving does not control your sense of worth or reputation unless you allow them to.

I’m surprised folks didn’t start pressuring Beyoncé to speak out against #Lizzo, since the word on the Street is that #Lizzo was wearing an #IvyPark shirt during the video in question. 

Look: #Lizzo ain’t hurtin’ nothing. As the “old” folks would say: “Lee dat ‘chile alone.”